See Teknek's innovative In-Line Board Cleaner in action at Future of Packaging Line
50 50 Pic For Die Linie Promo Article
50 50 Pic For Die Linie Promo Article

Contamination control at the start of the line

Teknek will be showcasing its cutting-edge Tek-BC board cleaner at the Future Packaging Line curated by Fraunhofer IZM. 

This close-up demo line replicates the whole assembly process. Taking place at the upcoming SMTconnect exhibition in Nuremberg from 11th to 13th of June.

It’s a prime opportunity to see our IP-protected board cleaner live in action, with three daily guided tours at 10am, 1pm, and 3pm.

For additional insights on "why clean boards" join our forum presentation at 1:30pm on Wednesday 12th of June, Hall 4 Stand 115.

Teknek has been a pioneer in contamination control within the SMT sector, enhancing manufacturing processes and ensuring product reliability.

Tek-BC Low static, low strain in-line board cleaner

Our innovative, low static, precision touch technology removes contamination at critical junctures in the SMT process.

Independently certified to ANSI/ESD s20.20 our contamination control is trusted by globally leading Tier 1 producers

By incorporating our board cleaners into your manufacturing line, you can:
1.         Enhance Component Placement Accuracy: Improve the precision of component placements, reducing errors and rework.
2.         Minimize Soldering Defects: Achieve higher quality solder joints by eliminating contamination at critical stages.
3.         Improve Overall Product Reliability: Ensure consistent performance and longevity of your products.

Clean Before Solder Paste Process (1)
Clean Before Solder Paste Process (1)