Obsolescence Notice - Tek-HR Replacement Rollers

Product Obsolescence Notification - Hand Cleaner - Replacement Rollers

Following the successful market introduction of the “Tek-HR 2.0”, the second-generation of our “built to last” hand cleaning tool in May 2023, we have taken the decision to discontinue the supply of replacement cleaning rollers for the first-generation product by the end of 2023. Products to be discontinued from 31st of December 2023 are listed below.

Spare Roller Assembly Description
SA76611SP 6" Panel Roller
SA76612SP 12" Panel Roller
SA77372(S)SP 6" NT (S) Roller
SA77373(S)SP 12" NT (S) Roller
SA76613SP 6" NT Roller
SA76614SP 12" NT Roller
SA76615SP 6" Nanocleen Roller
SA76616SP 12" Nanocleen Roller
SA76617SP 6" UTF Roller
SA76618SP 12" UTF Roller