Low Static SMT Board Cleaner - Tek-BC - Approved by Electrostatic Singapore Academy

Tek-BC reaches another milestone

Designed for the rigors of zero-defect cleaning combined with low static and low strain rate, Teknek’s new board cleaner, “Tek-BC”, reaches another significant milestone with approval from the prestigious Electrostatic Singapore Academy [ESA]. 

Independent Testing of the Tek-BC took place at the ESA facility in Singapore to ensure the product met the full requirements ANSI/ESD s20.20, including the specific Automatic Handling Equipment (ANSI/ESD SP10.1) requirements. 

With full certification to ANSI/ESD s20.20 users can be confident that the Teknek Tek-BC not only provides a low static cleaning environment, but that the certified product can form part of their overall ESD Control Program.

Achieving full compliance requires a number of measures including:-

  • Grounding and Bonding
  • Material Resistance
  • AHE (Automatic Handling Equipment) Voltage Measurement

To reach such high standards requires careful and novel design. Teknek has been a pioneer in this sector for over 35 years, this new range of equipment benefits from decades of research and is covered by 6 patents.

Featuring a number of key innovations including the new dissipative elastomer roller GNTcleen which provides 100% cleaning whilst being fully dissipative. This unique and protected elastomer formula has no metal additives, nor does it use low molecular weight conductive liquids, meaning great cleaning, low static and no transfer of contamination.

The all new Tek-BC family is available as single or dual lane, comes with a wide range of machine diagnostics including static and motor monitoring and full connectivity via SMEMA, Hermes or Teknek Apollo MES.

Not content with producing the best board cleaner, the Tek-BC is one of the first to be launched by Teknek since adopting the OECD Sustainable Manufacturing Framework. The product and the processes used to make it have been designed to produce less waste, use less materials and last longer.